Germ Killer UV Light AC Dallas

Dallas Air Conditioning Repair AC UV Light Dallas UV Light Germ Killer Dallas Air Filter Dallas Dallas Air Conditioning Repair Sala Air Conditioning Call Now 214-742-7252 AC Air Conditioner Dallas 0% APR Financing with approved credit. Air Conditioner 75208 All Rights Reserved. © Sala Air Conditioning 2017 214-742-7252 Germs and bacteria are airborne in most homes, and let's face it, the indoor coil of your A/C system is just the dark/damp place these germs like to hang out. Kill those germs with the UV Light rays! Air Conditioner Cleaner 75208 The Germ Killer UV Light Home | Service | Equipment | Products | Specials | Blog | About Us | Contact Us | Careers Stop Breathing these germs! Destroy them. UV Light irradiation kills  bacteria by creating photochemical changes in the germs DNA. Get your Germ Killer today!              Hospitals are using it, because it works. 214-742-7252