sheet metal ductwork duct systems HVAC “Family owned and operated since 1972” SERVING THE DFW METROPLEX Sala Air Conditioning has been serving the DFW area since 1972, providing commercial and residential heating and air conditioning repair service in Dallas. (Parts, Sales, Service, Installations, and Repairs) Sheet Metal Fabrication Dallas Sheet Metal Fabrication We offer the starting ductwork for furnaces and air handlers, called Supply Air Plenums and Return Air Plenums. We also offer sheet metal duct systems and fiberglass air ducts, which can be connected to the starting ductwork and run to each room. Want to learn more about ducting for your heating and cooling equipment? Check out this great document to learn all about selecting and designing your own ducting system. Studies have shown that heating and cooling systems can lose up to 30% of their efficiency due to leaks in the duct work. See more details about sealing duct work in this article about duct leakage. Ducting / Sheet Metal Shop from the following product categories: Supply Air Plenums A supply air plenum is a sheet metal box that attaches to the outlet of a furnace or air handler and is used as a central manifold for other ductwork to connect to. As the air blows from the furnace or air handler, it flows through the supply plenum and any ductwork attached to it. Return Air Plenums ·    As a furnace operates and blows out air, it must at the same time return to it that same amount of air. A return air plenum is the ducting that is attached to a furnace for that return air to flow through, and is used as a central manifold for other return air ducting. Sheet Metal Transitions Sheet metal transitions are custom fabricated duct to connect a new furnace or air hander to exisiting ductwork. A transition can also be created to adapt a return air plenum when installing an air cleaner. center manifold furnace air handler ductwork air handler sheet metal transition Call our Sheet Metal Shop (214) 978-7252 custom made chimney cap Chimney Caps We offer a variety of chimney tops including flue, standard and custom   caps. They come in a variety of finishes as well. Let us show you which   one is right for you. custom made drain pans Custom Drain Pans We offer custom drain pans for any size, any dimension you need. fiberglass duct work systems We also specialize in customized fiberglass ductboard for your air duct systems, using material from from Knauf, Owens Corning, John Manville. Fiberglass Duct Work Your Home Before Sala Air Conditioning Your Home After Sala Air Conditioning Call Sala Air Conditioning for us to replace or repair your duct work. In Dallas, having your ductwork properly sealed will not just cool your home better, but will also save you money on your energy bill. Call Sala Air Conditioning (214) 978-7252 Garry Sala Welding Square to Round Sheet Metal Shop Sala Air Conditioning specializes in making, installing, and maintaining heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning duct systems; and many other products made from metal sheets, as well as   fiberglass.We measure, cut, bend, shape, and fasten pieces of sheet metal to make ductwork, and other custom products.  Sala Air Conditioning offers both construction- related fabrication and mass production of sheet metal products. At Sala Air Conditioning we will first study the plans and specifications of your job to determine the kind and quantity of materials needed to complete your job within budget and on time. Residential Commercial Industrial Preventative Maintenance Service Agreeement Ductwork Home | Products | Services | Coupons | Contracting  | Contact  | Employment  | About Us   | Sitemap (214) 978-7252 Sheet Metal Fabrication Dallas Sheet Metal Fabrication Sheet Metal Ductwork Sheet Metal Ductwork Email: