Heating repair service in Dallas, TX Old Sala Advertising Bar Old Sala Advertising Bar Historical Sala Air Conditioning and Heating repair service in Dallas, TX Sala History Old Advertisement - Circa 1925 Old Sala Advertising from the 1920’s Sala has been developing products for in-home comfort in Dallas since the 1920’s. The document above is a historical advertisement piece for an early model of the Sala Water Heater used in many homes in Dallas in the 1920’s. The Sala Water Heater - Dallas, Texas Circa 1925 Ambrose G Sala was born in Calvary, Texas in 1880, and moved to Dallas, Texas with his family in 1888. He worked as a sheet metal worker in a sheet metal shop drawing pattern layouts for sheet metal fabrication. He also worked in a foundary pouring iron oranments and iron pieces and fabricating them. In 1921, Ambrose G. Sala and his brother Theodore A. Sala started their own company at 4015 Main Street in Dallas called, “The Sala Products Company”. There they manufacturing gas-powered storage tank water heaters, fireplace mantels, space heaters, and gas logs. Then in 1927, Sala Manufacturing Corporation had opened up a distribution center at 2243 N. Main Street in Fort Worth, Texas to distribute their heating products. Fireplace Heater Patent - Ambrose G. Sala Invention Design 560 Heater and Mantel Unit - Sala Invention Mantel 86 The Sala Historical Dallas Fireplace Heater Brochure The Sala Historical Dallas Heater Brochure Historical Sala Mantel Fireplace Model 345 Sala Brothers SALA PATENTS Sala Air Heating Mantel Model 340 Model No. 340 Mantel Insert,  This beautiful casting of curved lines and hammered facing can be honed in any of the electro plate finishes and will harmonize with many interiors of today.  The No. 340 is a 10 burner radial heater and will cover opening 30-1/2x31-1/2. (Above: In working order in Sunset Hills Addition of Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas in 2010) The Model 345 is designed to accommodate the more spacious quarters ordinarily difficult to heat.  This heater is a fourteen burner, capable of practically double capacity over the ten burner type, yet calling for only a small increase in fuel cost.  This heater is beautifully faced with an iron casting in true Chippendale design, finished in bronze, nickel, brass, or copper, and its lines call for a larger fireplace opening than the ten burner type.  For church, study, parlor, directors' room, or adjoining large living room and dining room, no heater excels the Sala 1414S for performance, beauty and economy. (Above: In working order in Winneka Heights Historical District of Oak Cliff, Texas in 1988) Model 345 (below) Design No. 560.  An early Colonial design with fluted pilasters and appropriate carvings.  A beautiful mantel and superb craftmanship.  It may be had in any finish. Size of mantel is: Width of shelf, 66-1/2 inches; depth of shelf, ....; height, 55 inches; dimensions of hearth stone, 30x60 inches. (Above: Photograph of an installation in 1932) Sala Manufacturing label for Heater and Mantel The SALA.  Manufacturing label on all the Sala Heater and Mantel Products with Patents used. (Above: Advertisement for Model No. 80) The Sala Historical Dallas Fireplace Heater Brochure The Model “S” as illustrated, is really three stoves in one. The highly efficient radiant type of gas heater is supplemented with a system of economizing air chambers which surround the fire box and bring into action the Salathermic Cycle. This utilizes the radiant heat, and, by virtue of draft construction, supplements its power by drawing cold air through the facing, heating it and forcing it into the room through the register. This not only forces the circulation that provides an even warmth in every section of the room, but enables the Sala to operate at all times with a perfectly cool exterior. Positive circulation provides an even warmth thoughout the room, and guarantees a clean, humid, healthful air to occupants. Not only is the Sala a powerful heater, but it is universally accepted as “the heater without a headache.” The burner incorporated in this heater is the final result of years of careful research. The mixing chamber, due to its exclusive construction, utilizes centrifugal force to insure a perfect mixture between the gas and air, which in turn provides complete combustion, thus preventing dangerous fumes. After the gas leaves the mixing chamber it passes into a distribution chamber whose shape is such that an equal amount of gas passes into each jet, giving uniform flame height and intensity. These features unite to make the Sala the exceptional unit that it is Efficient, economical and comfortable, the Sala is the perfect fireplace heater for all purposes. Above: The Sala Model S (Heater) Three Heaters in One The Sala Historical Dallas Heater Brochure Wall Heater Design No. 300. Opening 14”x21-1/2”; Over All, 16”x23-1/2”; Depth of Back, 3-1/2 inches. The Sala Wall Heater shown in the illustration meets the need of the small room, such as the bath or bedroom, for an efficient system of heating that will conserve precious floor space. The Sala System insures a cool grill at all temperatures, so there is no fire hazard, and no danger of heat-stained walls or peeled wood work. Furnace and Heating repair service in Dallas, TX T.A.Sala        c.1913 History Sala Heater and Mantel Co. Dallas Air Conditioning and Heating repair service in Dallas, TX Dallas Sala Heater Dallas Sala Heater CALL TODAY! 214-742-7252 Dallas Air Conditioning Repair AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE DALLAS TX Dallas Air Conditioning Repair Home | Products | Services | Coupons | Contracting  | Contact  | News Blog | Service Area | About Us   | Sitemap Service Areas: Dallas, Duncanville, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Lancaster, Highland Park, Grand Prairie, Carrollton, Irving, Addison, Garland, Coppell, Southlake, Grapevine, Sunnyvale, Richardson, Farmers Branch, Allen, Parker, Lucas, Frisco, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Rowlett, Rockwall, Sachse, The Colony, University Park, Wylie, Murphy, Mansfield, Mesquite, Midlothian, Ovilla, Red Oak, Hutchins, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, Preston Hollow, Oak Lawn, and Plano  Model 345 - 2012 - Georgetown, Texas (Above: In working order in Georgetown, Texas in 2012) Heater Radiants Sala Heater & Mantel Co. Heater Radiants Heater radiants are made of ceramic material and are used to radiate the heat from the gas burner into the living space. There are several different designs of heater radiants that have been produced from the late 1800’s and throughout the 1900’s. The Sala Heaters primarily used the heater radiant shown here, which are highly decorative and detailed. Heater Radiants Sala Heater & Mantel Co. Heater Radiants Sala Heater & Mantel Co. Radiants Ceramic Heater (Far Left: Front View of the Radiant | Directly Left: Side View of the Radiant) (Below to the Left: Top View of the Radiant | Below to the Right: Bottom View) The Sala Dallas, Texas U.S.A Patent Numbers 1585116 Design No. 560 Heater Mantel Design No. 560 Heater Mantel Design No. 545 Heater Mantel Design No. 515 Heater Mantel The Sala Heater Mantel DeSoto AC Repair About Our Company We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and explain the benefits of having Sala Air Conditioning as your service company for your heating and air conditioning needs.  Sala Air Conditioning started its roots in the heart of Oak Cliff for more than three generations, starting back in the 1920’s. Sala Heater & Mantel Co. was established back in 1921, by brothers Ambrose G. Sala & Theodore A. Sala. Sala Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated business servicing the Dallas & Ft Worth area.  The company was founded by Ronald G. Sala, running the business out of his garage in Oak Cliff back in 1972. In 1973, a year after the business began, Ronald G. Sala moved his business into a commercial building E. Clarendon Dr. hiring on two more technicians. In 1983, Ronald moved the operations to 233 Sunset Avenue in Dallas, Texas, a better location centrally located in Oak Cliff. With the company continuously grown Ronald moved the company to a bigger building on 1212 W. Commerce Street. In 2003, the company was sold to Ronald G. Sala’s wife Margaret Ann Sala and two son’s Jason Sala and Jon Sala, and was formed into a corporation. In 2005, the company acquired M&R Air Corporation from Don Montgomery and moved to 4530 Mint Way, Dallas, Texas where the company still operates to this day. With pride, we have over 100 years of combined experience focusing on providing quality and timely service having extensive experience in the industrial, commercial, and residential markets, including service, installation, and retrofit.  Sala Air Conditioning is a fully licensed company, insured, and bondable with a long standing membership in ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) and financially listed with Dun & Bradstreet. Sala Air Conditioning employs approximately twenty (20) dedicated team members whose daily goal is servicing the customer quickly, servicing the customer efficiently, and with complete satisfaction.  Our employees are college and/or factory trained with extensive focus on field training.  Our team members continue to attend college, factory training and in sessions as technology continuously changes and improves.  All of our installers and technicians are registered with the State of Texas as HVAC Technicians and are EPA Certified. For the past 40 years, we have been serving the needs of commercial and residential customers, providing maintenance, superior service, and equipment replacement.  Due to our lengthy involvement in this industry we have a unique and knowledgeable perspective for solving the issues that may arise as well as finding cost saving improvements.  At your convenience, please contact us so that we may go over any needs you may have for residential, commercial, and industrial property. We thank you for your time and look forward to the beginning of a long, reliable, business relationship. In 2003, Sala Air Conditioning changed its company structure from Limited Liability Company to a Corporation. Ann Sala currently holds majority of the company's stock and is the owner of the company and is the President/CEO of the Corporation. We are a NCTRCA Certified Woman-Owned Business. Ronald Sala has gone into retirement but is still operating as a business consultant for the company. Jon Sala is the V.P. over the Service Department, Jason Sala is the Senior V.P. over the Sales Department and Shirley Musslewhite is the company's treasurer. In 2005, Sala Air Conditioning acquired M & R Air Corp. from the retiring owner, Don Montgomery. After the acquisition, Sala Air Conditioning moved its company location from our building on Commerce St. to M & R's building on Mint Way in Dallas, Texas. In 2006, our company acquired two other companies, Duncanville Mechanical and Scoggin Plumbing, which were both owned by Ed Scoggin. Ed Scoggin worked with Sala Air Conditioning as head of Sales, and has just recently gone into retirement in 2008. In 2012 to present, Ronald Sala has fully entered retirement, while Ann and her sons Jon and Jason have taken over operations of the company and focused heavily on the residental market. Jason has taken over the entire sales department and aggressively refocused the marketing efforts towards residential and light commercial.  Restructing and Acquisitions Duncanville Air Conditioning and Heating repair 75116 Cedar Hill Air Conditioning and Heating repair 75104 North Dallas Heating & AC Repair Women-Owned Business Enterprise Sala Air Conditioning was designated a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise by North Central Texas Regional Certficiation Agency. For the past 38 years, it has been our goal to build a company that treats every customer, vendor, and employee with honesty, fairness, and respect, a company that gives our customers the very best service possible. View and print our NCTRCA - Women-Owned Business Enterprise Certification Sala Air Conditioning Arlington 76006 Current Operations: