Air Filter Change Air Conditioning and Heating Service Agreement Sala Air Conditioning and Heating Dallas “Family owned and operated since 1972” SERVING THE DFW METROPLEX Sala Air Conditioning has been serving the DFW area since 1972, providing commercial and residential heating and air conditioning. (Parts, Sales, Service, Installations, and Repairs) Commercial Service Agreement Service Agreement Service Agreement We offer all of our customers (residential and commercial) service agreements, so you can put your mind at ease and know that you air conditioning and heating systems are operating in proper working condition. We inspect and report any deficiencies found in your system before any repairs are performed. All service agreements are tailored to your specific needs. Residential Service Agreements Cleaning and adjusting burner assembly Cleaning the ignition assembly Examining the heat exchanger Monitoring the flue draft Monitoring the refrigerant pressures in the system Testing the starting capabilities Testing the safety controls Cleaning/Replacing standard air filters Cleaning and adjusting blower components Tightening electrical connections Measuring volt/amps Lubricating all moving parts Adjusting thermostat calibration Cleaning evaporator coil if accessible (once a year) Cleaning condenser coil (once a year) Cleaning/clearing condensate drains Measuring temperature difference Adjusting gas pressure Adjusting pilot as needed Monitoring A/C and Heating cycles Commercial Service Agreements Bi-annual preventative maintenance inspections will include: Inspecting, cleaning or replacing all air filters as needed. Checking the outdoor coils to see if coil needs cleaning. Clean outdoor coils once a year. Checking belts for porper condition and tension. Check condensate drain pans to be sure drain is open. Checking, cleaning all condensate drainage systems within unit. Checking refrigerant pressures. Checking all wiring and electrical connections Checking for proper voltage and amperage draw. Check cooling operation including: safety controls and thermostats. Check heating operation including: ignition sequence, safety controls, pilot and burners performance. Check for proper supply and return air temperature drop. Oiling, greasing all motors and bearings. Inspect blower wheels for cleaniness. Insuring that all electrical controls are working properly. Intermediate inspections include: Changing the air filters. Audio-visual inspection of the equipment for proper operation. Labor Coverage: We perform required repairs on your air conditioning and heating equipment, all at a discounted rate with our service agreement Parts Coverage: We will also sell you all of the replacement parts and equipment at a discounted rate. All parts under original equipment manufacturers warranty at no additional charge. Residential Service Agreement Tech Commercial Service Technician Sala Air Conditioning filter change residential commercial service industrial service preventative maintenace service agreement duct work Home | Products | Services | Coupons | Contracting  | Contact  | Employment  | About Us   | Sitemap